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LCM Drilling Mud Mica

Product Information

Pacer Corporation‘s large mica ore reserves, expanded capacity and just-in-time delivery make our  Loss Circulation Material (LCM) mica products an excellent choice for the oil and natural gas drilling mud and field services industries.  Custer SD drilling mud  mica has been shipped nationwide.

LCM Mica

Fine, Medium and Coarse grades available.  For special grades please contact us.


* Used in the Loss Circulation applications during drilling operations.

* Pacer’s South Dakota LCM Mica  products can be used in both oil and water-based drilling muds to prevent loss of circulation.  Our mica can be used in horizontal , directional and veritcal drilling applications where it aides in sealing loss circulation zones with its flakey, flat structure and increases borehold stability.

* Secondary but significant benefits of Pacer LCM Mica include improved sample recovery, formation pressure control, cuttings dropped more easily in a surface disposal area, minimization of drilling fluid losses into formations and reduction of wear and corrosion on the drilling equipment.

Mica Advantage

* Chemically inert except to hydrofluoric and concentrated sulfuric acids

* Used to treat all forms of loss circulation

*Flat, flakey structure aides in lubrication

*Compatible with other LCM products

*Effective low cost LCM

* Readily Available

Packaging – 50 lb paper bags, palletized (48 bags per pallet) on 42×42 double faced pallet, stretch wrapped


Mineral – Mica

Potassium-Alumina-Silicate are predominate elements

Appearance – Silvery, flat, flakey structure

PH – 8.0

Water solubility – virtually insoluble

Pacer’s SD mica products are dry- ground processed in the Black Hills , South Dakota. We are proud of our plentiful Mica Ore Reserves  which will last 100’s of years into the future.  South Dakota mica rock is reliable, high quality muscovite mica.

The Pacer  team would like to collaborate with you to determine solutions for your applications.  We are flexible, efficient and ready with abundant ore, expertise and excellent service. We welcome your Sample Request.

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