Mica as a loss circulation material (LCM) in oil field drilling fluids

To expand its muscovite mica reserves in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Pacer Minerals entered into a joint venture agreement in 2017 that added an additional muscovite mica reserve in eastern Pennsylvania. Through contract production and warehousing in the Port of Wilmington, Delaware, Pacer Minerals has shortened the logistics lines of communications to our domestic and global customers. In addition to our expansion to the eastern United States, Pacer Minerals is now maintaining inventory in Cyril, Oklahoma which provides a central supply point for our drilling fluids customers in the southcentral and southwest United States. The expansion initiatives , additional capacity, multiple storage facilities and just-in-time delivery make our LCM mica products an excellent choice for the oil and natural gas drilling fluids and field services industries.  Our LCM products are used in both domestic and international drilling operations.

LCM Mica Sizes

Pacer Minerals offers the industry’s most extensive line of muscovite mica LCM formulated specifically to seal costly loss zones. We offer gradations of Fine, Medium and Coarse.  For special grades please contact us.


  • Pacer’s LCM products can be used in both oil and water-based drilling muds to prevent loss of circulation.  Our mica can be used in horizontal , directional and vertical drillingapplications where it aides in sealing loss circulation zones with its flakey, flat structure and increases borehole stability.
  • Secondary but significant benefits of Pacer LCM Mica include improved sample recovery, formation pressure control, cuttings dropped more easily in a surface disposal area, minimization of drilling fluid losses into formations and reduction of wear and corrosion on the drilling equipment.

Mica Advantage

  • Chemically inert except to hydrofluoric and concentrated sulfuric acids
  • Used to treat all forms of loss circulation
  • Flat, flakey structure aides in lubrication
  • Compatible with other LCM products
  • Effective low cost LCM
  • Readily Available


  • 50 lb paper bags
  • palletized (48 bags per pallet) on 42×42 double faced pallet
  • stretch wrapped


  • Mineral – Mica
  • Potassium-Alumina-Silicate are predominate elements
  • Appearance – Silvery, flat, flakey structure
  • PH – 8.0
  • Water solubility – virtually insoluble

Pacer Minerals’ LCM products are dry- ground and processed in the Black Hills , South Dakota. We are proud of our plentiful Mica Ore Reserves  which will last 100’s of years into the future.  South Dakota mica ore is reliable, high quality muscovite mica.

The Pacer  team would like to collaborate with you to determine solutions for your applications.  We are flexible, efficient and ready with abundant ore, expertise and excellent service. We welcome your Sample Request.

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