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Ceramic Grade Feldspar

Product Information

South Dakota Custer Feldspar is a high quality potash feldspar that has been continuously mined in the Black Hills, SD for over 80 years. Pacer Minerals is proud to look to the future with 10+ decades of ore reserves available and unmatched expertise available for mining and quality ore processing.  See Chemistry and Geology detail in side menus.

The Black Hills, SD Feldspar, or “Custer Spar” is dry processed from large deposits of pure feldspar so no flotation chemicals are used in any of our products from chip sized to fine grind.  For decades, Pacer Potash Feldspar has been the choice of potters and artisans as well as industrial customers due to its high viscosity during firing, superior refractoriness and insulating properties. Typical applications for Custer Feldspar include whitewear ceramics, glazing applications, and electrical insulation.

Pacer’s Potash Feldspar is the premier functional mineral filler for all types of polymer and powder coatings applications. The properties of low oil absorption, high abrasion resistance and chemical inertness are a perfect fit in applications that demand high performance. Its refractive index will allow high loadings while maintaining good coatings clarity. Pacer’s Potash Feldspar is UV transparent. See more Feldspar Chemistry.

SD Potash feldspar has many applications.  The Black Hills SD Feldspar in Ceramics is well known as SD feldspar in clay creates unique glaze properties.

Pacer’s team would like to collaborate with you to determine best product fit for your application.  Please call, email or Request a Sample.

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