ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
Certified Chemical-Free Dry Ground Processing Plants

Our Feldspar Reserves

Pacer is proud of its 10+ decades of feldspar ore reserves.

Pacer Mineral’s  feldspar products  are mined  from a variety of  pegmatite deposits throughout the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota.   Pacer Feldspar reserves currently exceed 500,000+ tons contained in over 20 active mining claims and private property deposits.

The large number of claims available to Pacer allows us to choose specific locations for ore color and chemistry diversity.  We  stockpile ore from several selected ore bodies which allows us to blend at the mill to maintain quality, chemistry and color of finished product.

Independent  miners are reliable partners in delivering quality ore and Pacer’s Feldspar plant has an experienced  team committed to excellence and safety in processing.  We pride ourselves on our reliable and prompt delivery of consistently high quality product.