Ceramic Grade Feldspar

Pacer celebrates 46 years of processing and delivering quality industrial minerals including Potash Feldspar and honors that “Custer Spar” has been in continuous production and delivered to markets for more than 90 years. See About Pacer for more history.

Potters and Artists around the country know our product and we are a reliable supplier to the industrial minerals community through several applications indicated below.  Our spar is especially well known for its contribution as a fluxing agent in whiteware ceramics production.

Pacer is a solution-based, Team with Expertise ready to work with you to find best products for your applications.  We also have a variety of SD Mica Minerals available for your applications. We welcome your Sample Request.

Brick – Body & Glazes
Ceramic Tile
Grinding Wheels
Refractory Ceramics
Paints & Coatings
UV Cured Coatings
Rebar Protective Coatings
Pipeline Coatings
Specialty Epoxy Coatings
Factory Floor Coatings/Sealants
Wood Stains/Sealants
Chemically Resistant Coatings
Antit-skid/Anti-slip coatings