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DakotaPURE Mica:

DakotaPURE 700DakotaPURE 1500DakotaPURE 1500WDakotaPURE 2400DakotaPURE 2400W
DakotaPURE 3000DakotaPURE 3500DakotaPURE 3500WDakotaPURE 3500WEDakotaPURE 4000
DakotaPURE 4000WDakotaPURE 4000WEDakotaPURE 6000WE

Ceramic Grade Potash Feldspar:

Custer Spar 200
Custer Spar 325

Oil-well Loss Circulation Material:

LCM Fine
LCM Coarse

Specialty Products:

Spar Chips, Medium
CLCM Fine Mica
CLCM Coarse Mica